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Gostujoča predavanja prof. Roberta Garfiasa

22. - 24. oktober 2019

Oddelek za muzikologijo FF UL, Oddelek za azijske študije FF UL ter Kulturno in etnomuzikološko društvo Folk Slovenija

prijazno vabijo na predavanja PROF. ROBERTA GARFIASA:

  • Torek, 22. 10. 2019, 12.10–13.50 (Modra soba) On the musics of Asia (O glasbah Azije)
  • Sreda, 23. 10. 2019, 13.00–14.30 (R2) Music in Japan (Glasba na Japonskem)
  • Sreda, 23. 10. 2019, 18.00–19.40 (536B) Ethnomusicology and recent technology (Etnomuzikologija in sodobna tehnologija)
  • Četrtek, 24. 10. 2019, 14.40–18.00 (536B) Diffusion of Ottoman and Romani music in eastern Europe – lecture (Razširjanje osmanske in romske glasbe v vzhodni Evropi – predavanje)
  • Ethnomusicological life of Robert Garfias – discussion (Etnomuzikološko življenje Roberta Garfiasa – razprava)



Robert Garfias was born in San Francisco in 1932, the child of Mexican-American parents. As a youngster he studied classical guitar and jazz saxophone. In high school he studied Western classical music composition, and he formed a jazz combo that played gigs for beatniks in the North Beach area of San Francisco, where he traveled in a circle of musicians that included Dave Brubeck, Vince Delgado, Vince Guaraldi, Harry Partch, and Bill Smith. During his career he founded the ethnomusicology program at the University of Washington; served as Dean of Arts at the University of California, Irvine, as a member of the Smithsonian Council, and as a presidential appointee to the U.S. National Council for the Arts; and conducted significant periods of fieldwork and language study in Japan, Okinawa, Korea, the Philippines, Mexico, Zimbabwe, Central America, Burma, Romania, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, and among Okinawans in the United States.

Society for Ethnomusicology Newsletter (Vol. 7, No. 4, September 2013)