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Vabilo - podvodne arheološke raziskave ob turški obali

ščejo se kandidatke in kandidati za podvodna arheološke raziskave ob turški obali v letu 2020!


Posredujem spodnje vabilo uglednega podvodnega arheologa Hakana Oniza k sodelovanju k podvodnim arheološkim raziskavam ob turški obali in vas zainteresirane vabim, da se mi čim prej oglasite. Rok za prijavo je namreč zelo kratek.


Lep pozdrav

Doc. dr. Andrej Gaspari



Dear Colleagues,


First of all i wish a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving who celebrate! 

As you know we invite all of our colleagues and their students to our excavation and research projects at coast of the Mediterranean of Turkey. Every year many students and colleauges from the partners such as Warsaw, Alexandria, Lisbon,Texas A&M, Buenos Aires, Oxford, Cadiz come and joined to the projects.  We are very happy to have  these distinguished friends between us. We believe that this is a perfect example to the  UniTwin Network spirit. Now we are also inviting you and your students to our 2020 projects. These are:

1) Antalya-Kumluca  Bronze Age (16-15thCentury BC) Excavation (with INA team): It is only for the lecturers from the members who have experience to dive +50 meters. 

2) Antalya and Mersin Underwater Research: It is for lecturer and MA Students who have diving experience.

3) Antalya Ottoman Wreck Excavation:  It is for lecturer and MA Students who have diving experience at least Two Stars CMAS level. 

We are able to cover all the food  expenses on ship. Project 1, staying minimum one month is necesarry. project 2 and 3, staying 2 weeks is necesarry. Our guest house is open to all who wish to stay in the region free of charge. 

We just need the names and their CVs until this friday. We will send further details via email to them. Have a great week!

Best regards,


Associate Professor Dr. Hakan Oniz

Secretary of ICOMOS International Committee of Underwater Cultural Heritage