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Štipendije za študij na Poljskem

Poljska agencija za akademske izmenjave (NAWA) razpisuje štipendije, za študij na Poljskem.

The Poland My First Choice scholarship programme offers scholarships for full-time second-cycle studies at public and private universities in all faculties run by units with the highest scientific level - holding categories A and A+ in the last parametric assessment - subordinate to the minister responsible for higher education and science. Scholarship holders will receive the monthly scholarship of PLN 2,000, paid during the statutory period of education in Poland. In public universities, the Program also offers exemption from tuition fees during the statutory period of studies. The financial conditions of education at non-public universities supervised by the minister responsible for higher education and science will be determined by the universities. The program does not provide for funding scholarships for studies conducted by higher education institutions supervised by other ministries. The program allows for studying in Polish or other language than Polish. Applicants shall independently select the university and field of studies from the educational offer of Polish higher education institutions and apply independently for the chosen field of studies. The decision on admission of Applicants shall be made by the universities.

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