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priložnost za prostovoljno delo - Zavod Voluntariat

Zavod Voluntariat, the Slovenian branch of Service Civil International, organises voluntary projects all around the world, both short term (from 1 to 3 weeks) and long term (from 1 to 12 months).

Projects are related to different topics, such as refugees, war, environment, gender issues, people with disabilities, elderly people, children, art, history and local communities.

The kind of work required to volunteers is also quite diverse: organising activities for children, teaching languages or other subjects, doing theatre activities, giving assistance to elderly or with special needs people, helping with construction, renovating old buildings, gardening, farming, doing archaeological excavations, studying and researching on a specific topics and much more.


This year we had a girl who was studying Special and rehabilitation pedagogy in the Faculty of Education in Ljubljana. We sent her volunteering in Sri Lanka for three weeks  in an orphanage for destitute children with disabilities, her experience was recognized as a traineeship and she also got a scholarship to cover the expenses.


These voluntary projects could be a good solution for students who are looking for an internship in order to complete their studies. Or for the ones who are willing to acquire some experience, even if it is not mandatory for their career.


You can check some of the projects available here

And you can find our website here where you can check other projects we have